Monday, 7 November 2016

Ex Machina - DNA Films Questions

Who were the co-founders of DNA Films?
Andrew Macdonald, Allen Reich and Duncan Kenworthy.
When was the company founded?
Where is DNA Films based?
How many films have DNA Films produced?
What awards have DNA Films won?
28 Days Later - best horror film, best British film, best wide-release film, best feature.
28 Weeks Later - best horror.
Love Actually - best British film.
Dredd - best 3D.
The Last King of Scotland - best film.
Ex Machina - best British independent film, best ski-fi film.
How many full time staff does DNA Films employ?

What is DNA Film's philosophy?

List 5 box-office hits that DNA Films have made.

List 5 flops that DNA Films has made.

What is Danny Boyle's relationship with DNA Films?
Director and executive producer of 28 Days Later. 
List 3 famous directors that DNA Films have worked?

List 5 famous actors who have starred in films made by DNA Films ?

What has been DNA Films highest grossing film?

What Hollywood studios have DNA Films worked with?

List two of DNA Films big blockbuster films and find out their budgets.

What film is DNA Films most famous for?

What other genres do DNA Films films like to make?

Who have DNA Films entered into a partnership with for DNA TV Limited?

What information can you find out about DNA Films through their web page?

Find out one other interesting fact about DNA Films that you would like to share with the class.

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