Friday, 9 September 2016

My Representation

UK Tribes
I think I belong to both the Mainstream tribe and the Leading Edge tribe. I belong to the Mainstream because I am a bit of a Fan Girl, especially for vloggers and bloggers.
Fan Girls:
Fan Girls and Tumblr Kids have merged - 24/7 access to celebs means this tribe are getting younger and moving faster than ever. It's strange to think that in 2012 Fan Girls were a new tribe - today they are one of the most noticeable and well know facets of UK Youth culture! United by their love for musicians, vloggers, bloggers, models, books, TV series, TV personalities (and anyone in between) the Fan Girls start at 13 years upwards and are a powerful force on social media - and big spender on merchandise and experiences.

But I am also of the Makers side of this tribe as I am always doing something creative, whether that's photography, art, blogging and starting filming.
Being creative is firmly in the Mainstream today. From photography to art, craft, music, film and blogging - everyone is curating online! Everyone is a creator now, and Makers are the new Tumblr Kids as everyone is creating original content online and sharing it on social media; while many are also getting hands-on creative at home. So from DIY furniture and art to animation, there's an explosion of creativity across the Mainstream - just don't confuse it with Leading Edge career Creatives, these guys are doing it for themselves!

But I am also part of the Leading Edge tribe as I am also a Creatives as I have done most things for myself, started by myself.
Creatives are still top of the tribal map and care constantly creating new content. DIYers are creative, tech savvy self-starters that bring culture to life for tribes today - they produce music, promote club nights, start indie bands and create festival stages. Many are also Creatives, but DIYers are set apart by their aspirations to 'make it', create events and actively influence culture in their area. DIYers used to be focused more in London, but in 2015 all major cities have a strong DIY scene.

What media figures (actors, musicians, sportspeople, celebrities) do you consider similar to you. In what way are they similar to you/are you similar to them?
I think I am similar to Zoe Sugg as I act similarly to her and we have similar sense of humor. I really enjoy watching her with her friends because her friends are similar to mine.

I also see myself similar to Dan Howell as I can always relate to him and what he says and see the similarities between us.

Do you consciously 'model' (copy modes of dress, style yourself, act like) yourself on any of these media figures? Why is that?
I have my hair inspired my Zoe Sugg's old hair, when she used to have it as long as mine with blonde dip dye. Now that she has cut her hair and coloured it more blonde, I have done a similar thing, but I don't plan to cut my hair. I think this is because I really like her hair style and the way it looks day to day.
 I also have a my room decorated in a similar way to her house, it was before I found her but I buy more things that she'd buy because I like the style of her house and decorations throughout it.

I take my style of clothing from Dan Howell, even though he is a guy. He wears a lot of black, especially skinny, black jeans. I have worn dark clothes for years but seeing him wearing dark clothes has given me more ideas about the things I can wear, even if he is a guy.

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