Thursday, 15 September 2016

TV Drama - Representation of Ethnicity and Types of Shots - 'Hotel Babylon'

A mid shot showing three people reacting to hiding.
Can I identity what ethnicities are? How? Why? - It's pretty clear to see the different ethnicities in the clip. This is most likely because of the TV stereotypes shown in most TV shows, because of this, it's easy to spot these stereotypes as they are exaggerated. As they are easily spotted, this allows the program to be easily watched as you don't need to think about who is what ethnicity.

This is a high angle shot to show that she is weaker at this moment in time.
Are people from different ethnic backgrounds shown as different interests, personalities, attitudes, behaviour? If so, how? - There are different interests shown, mainly due to their stereotypes. For example, the first time we see the Asian woman, we see her sat behind a computer. She is also seen to be intelligent because she decides to hide them in a staff room to hide and realises one is missing.

This is a tracking shot to reveal all of the different cultures and how they differ.
Is their ethnicity represented as being important in their life? - From the clip, it could be seen as important because they're having to hide because of their ethnicity. It is also shown at the end where different ethnicities sit on different tables, eat different foods and one table prayed before eating, in that sense, it could be seen as important to them.

This is mid shot and it allows the audience to see some of the work she does.

This is a mid shot to show how intimidating they are.
Are people from particular ethnicities portrayed as being better, more powerful than others? - The white female we see at the beginning is seen as more powerful because she tells the others what to do. It also shows the immigration officers being more powerful, they are also white.

This is a point-of-view shot to show the rush and panic of the situation, this is also hand held to help achieve this.
Are people from particular ethnicities portrayed as being abnormal, weaker, more pathetic than others? - all the immigrants are shown to be weaker because they are the ones who are having to hide, none of the white people are.

This is a close-up, two shot to show the relation between the characters,
How do other characters in the clip treat the other characters from different ethnic backgrounds? - all the immigrants help each other and the woman at the reception desk helps them. But the white immigrant officers are against them.

What is the message the clip is trying to portray about ethnicity? - it's trying to say that immigrants are bad and should be sent back to where they came from.

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