Sunday, 25 September 2016

TV Drama - Stereotypes

Perkins 5 assumptions:

Stereotypes are not always negative:

The Asian woman is represented as being smart, this works well in the situation. Although this can be  seen as negative, in this situation, it is a positive thing.

They are not always about minority groups or the less powerful:

It shows the white immigration officer to be more powerful than others, rather than focusing on the black people. It shows that the white people are mean to the other ethnicities, which isn't shown often  in TV shows.

They can be held about one's own group:

In Hotel Babylon, many stereotypes are shown throughout, so most of the main stereotypes are shown. Therefore, the audience's stereotype is most likely to be shown.

They are not rigid or unchanging:

A few years ago, these stereotypes were probably different than they are now. As the years have gone on, the stereotypes have changed according to modern society. However, some of these aren't changed for many years.

They are not always false:

The idea of self-fulfilling prophesy makes it seem as though people are the stereotypes, but in fact they probably just believe that they are and make others seem like the stereotypes are true.

Festinger and the popularity of TV programmes:

Before watching the clip, you could think that stereotypes aren't accurate or used a lot. But after, it can be seen that they are exaggerated in this case. For Hotel Babylon, the stereotypes we believe to be true are shown, making us think they are a more realistic vision of reality. 

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